Complementing Pleats & Lace

It was pay day on Friday and although I am on a very tight budget this month due to Glastonbury (my stomach jumps with excitement when I say that word) I had to take something back to Primark, which is never good especially when you have to walk through the dress section.... Well I should really say make a detour so I could purposely go through the dress section. However staring at me in all it's glory was this fine specimen. I had to say 'yes, you will belong in my wardrobe'. Searching through the rack I found the only size 10 left and jumped for joy (not literally otherwise I may have received some very funny looks, especially as I was on my own) when I looked at the price tag and there was a scrawny £7 written on it. As the weather has been glorious yet again this weekend I broke of the tag and paired my pleated lace dress with some flip flops I haven't worn yet, along with a flower crown Glenn's dad got me at Strawberry Fair yesterday. Perfect summer combo as I do love something thats minimalistic, flowy so you can still feel the breeze on your skin and pretty to look at to communicate my girly side.

Outfit Details
Dress- £7 Primark
Flip Flops- £10 F&F at Tesco
Flower Crown- £3.50 Strawberry Fair

The flower's in the flower crown are made out of paper, they must have taken ages to put together and it's just beautiful, it will be joining me at Glastonbury along with my DIY flower crowns. This is, as long as the heavens don't open, I am daily praying for sun. Anybody else heading to Glastonbury this year? I have been putting together some outfits that I will be sharing and I will be taking some pictures with the lovely Pippa and Lol as well, as they are my Glastonbury buddies. 

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  1. Love the dress! I keep seeing it everytime I go into Primark! It's like "should I buy you or not?" Haha!xo

  2. Your sandals are so cute! :)

  3. you look SOOOO pretty and porfect for Spring! Your new dress looks so nice on you and what a great price!

  4. Really pretty! Primark is the best!! Have fun at Glastonbury!!! x

  5. I know I've already said this, but I love that dress a lot! The combination of lace and pleats is just perfect! :D <3

    - Anna

  6. Gorgeous dress - really pretty for summer :)

  7. This is such a cute dress :)