Trouser Pattern ft F&F & Miss Guided

Pattern trousers are my new obsession, I fell in love with my floral jeans in my blossom post I had to make my next outfit post about my other recent trouser purchase. I also decided to use a wall we striped over the weekend (decorating the front room now) as I thought the rustic colours complimented the look.
Peg leg trousers are back in trend and I am very happy about this because I think they look smart and with a pattern on create a unique, interesting look. These are another purchase I made with my Tesco winnings and winning that competition has made me realise what a great online collection of clothes Tesco stock. I styled the trousers two ways to fit in with our up and down weather, one is with my Miss Guided jumper that Glenn brought me and the other a basic black crop top from Topshop. The jumper is more fitting for when the weather is miserable, windy and rainy like today and the crop top is for when the sun pops out like yesterday.

Outfit Details
Trousers- £12 Tesco Clothing (sale)
Jumper- Miss Guided (similar)
Crop Top- £8 Topshop (not online but I have still seen them in store)
Necklace- £4 Lovefrommisbehave
Rings- £2:50 Lovefrommisbehave
Shoes- £22 Tesco Clothing

The shoes are another winnings purchase and are probably my favourite item I got. I like how they incorporate the monochrome and 90's sandal trend that is hot right now. They are even comfy, when I first put them on I didn't think I would last a day at work in them but I think it was just because I so use to platforms and these have a slight slant. However I have worn them a few times and can last all day easier then some on my kitten heels. What is your favourite recent purchase?

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  1. Love your trousers!! They´re so cute!!

  2. Nice look and nicely shot photos! The trousers are my favourite <3

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  3. Those pants steal the show! The colors and patterns are perfect. So vintage. <3 Those are the kind of pants that I see in a store and stare at just long enough for people to wonder if I'm a thief. Haha. Really, I'm just sitting there thinking: "God, this is beautiful. Could I wear this? I should buy this. What if I can't pull if off though? How often will I wear it?" Etc. Eventually, I walk away and feel really sad. Heh. I guess I'm still too shy about printed pants. :F <3

    - Anna