Tesco's 7 Days of Summer Style Challenge

Over the last week I have been entering myself into Tesco's F&F summer style challenge. Basicially what I had to do was upload a picture for each day that fitted into the theme they had set. There were a variety of ways you could enter by tweeting your picture, uploading it on their facebook page or through pinterest. The way I found out about the competition was through WIWT and you could also upload your picture on here (more about that in a bit). 
You could enter all four ways each day and then the following day a winner would be picked. The themes were all summer related and I loved choosing outfits for the day based on the theme that had been set. The best thing about this whole competition was the fact that my outfit got chosen twice on two different days which I am still in shock about. I won two £75 vouchers for Tesco clothing range which I actually love because I always end up in the clothing section there whenever I do my weekly shop. 
The first time I won was through the WIWT website for the 60's theme and the second was through twitter with the embellishment theme. The fact that I got chosen once was enough let alone the second time (I went a bit mental the second time and danced in the corridor at work.) So I have decided to show you what I put together for each theme.

Day 1- Stripes

Outfit Details
Striped Dress- £5 Primark
Blazer- Primark (old)
Creepers- £20 eBay

Day 2- Florals

Outfit Details
Floral Blouse- Tesco (old)
Floral Trousers- Primark (old)
Blazer- £10 Primark
Shoes- New Look (old)

Day 3- Accessories

Outfit Details
Dress- Dorothy Perkins (old)
Hat- £4 eBay
Shoes- £8 Primark
Necklace- £2 Primark

Day 4- Sixties- winner on WIWT

Outfit Details
Dress- £10 Vintage
Socks- £2 Primark
Shoes- Topshop (old)

Day 5- Pastels

Outfit Details
Dress- £15 Primark
Cardi- Primark (old)
Shoes- Tesco (old)
Flower Crown DIY

Day 6- Embellishment- winner on Twitter

Outfit Details
Skirt- £10 Primark
Shirt- Primark (old) studs DIY
Headpiece- DIY

Day 7- Print

Outfit Details
Dress- £12 eBay
Tights- Old
Top- H&M Old

You have seen this outfit/pic before but I did actually wear it on this day but the picture I took was awful and I was rushing out as I was off to see Alt-J so decided to use this pic instead.

If you haven't checked out WIWT before I highly recommend it, it stands for what I wore today and is such a great way to see real people and their style. I am a big fan of lookbook and chictopia however WIWT is more about real people and you don't have to have great pictures to get recognised either. It's also about hair, make up and nails as well so I definitely recommend checking it out. You can also follow me on WIWT here.

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  1. Congratulations on winning two of the days! That's pretty impressive. Have to say that your 60s outfit really channeled the feel of that decade. The dress and the hair really nailed it. I liked the florals outfit myself, at first glance I thought it was a jump suit you were wearing. I didn't realise it was actually made up of separates.

    I also clicked through and checked out your WIWT profile, loved the outfit with the beige shorts.

  2. Congrats on your winning outfits! I have to say first, fourth and fifth are my favorites! Beautiful colors and patterns! <3

    - Anna


  3. Great outfits!! I didn't know about WIWT, sounds like something I need to be involved with! Congrats on the wins!! I think my favourite is Embellishment but they are all great! x