May Want List ft Tesco, New Look and Urban Outfitters

Last month I forgot to do one of these, I think it's because I went a bit mental clothes shopping and wasn't worried about wanting anything. I am now back on a strict limited clothes spend so choosing one specific item I want fits in perfectly with my budget. I decided to ask my two sisters Jodie and Paige what is on their want list. Below is the item we each choose and will hopefully belong in our wardrobe by the end of the month.

Paige choose this Parisian light blue playsuit from New Look for £24:99. It also comes in a dark blue denim. She said:

"I tried this playsuit on and fell in love it fits nicely, sucks you in and won't leave strap marks when your chilling in the sun."

Jodie choose this gorgeous ditsy rose print swimming costume from Tesco for £16. She has just messaged me to say she has just brought it, so it was meant to be. She said:

"I want this peplum style swimming costume because it has a lovely floral pattern and as its peplum it discreetly covers up lumps and bumps you don't want showing."

I choose these ultra cool acid wash roll hem shorts from Urban Outfitters for £40. My reason for choosing these are:

"These shorts will be perfect for Glastonbury, high waisted so great with crop tops and a very cool 90's acid wash tone which I am in love with right now."

What do you currently have on your May want list? Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend. I have a girly night out planned tomorrow which I cannot wait for, had my outfit planned for weeks.



  1. Love all items!!! Adore Urban Outfitters!

  2. Oh Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite stores :)

  3. You all chose great items of clothing. Another pair of denim shorts is also on my list lol, xoxo.

  4. I noticed you went for the denim shorts again, is that so you can rock them at festivals with out them being too short at the back? As you know I loved your festival look from last time, so I'd love to see more. I honestly don't have anything on my list that I need to buy I've been wanting to find a cool tab collared shirt, but struggling to find one at the moment. After that I think I want to save up for some expensive brogues as I wear my current ones to death!

    As always thanks for coming through and showing the love on the blog, it's always lovely to read your comments.

  5. Love all of them!