If you haven't, you should...

Try coloured lipsticks #pink

Lipsticks can be a very scary thought for some people, however I think they are a great way to brighten up a dull outfit and transform it into something that stands out. Over the next 4 weeks on a Thursday I will be sharing with you a lipstick colour to try and two ideas for styling. Todays is all about neon pink. I love this colour and is probably one of the most daring to wear because you don't want to look like a barbie doll (unless thats what you are going for). This is a colour I do wear occasionally both casual and going out but I feel should wear more.

I have chosen three brands of lipstick that I highly recommend however if you are like me and can't always afford expensive make up a cheap brand will do if you stick to one tip, lip liner. I don't mean to use it to outline your lips it is great to actually colour in your lips with first and then put the lipstick on top. Cheap lipstick tend to have a lot of moisture in them so come off really easily so the liner keeps the colour on your lips for longer. If you do have the money though these lipsticks I highly recommend especially the Nars pencil, my friend gave me a red one and it's amazing lasts all day.

Now the important bit, how to add the lipstick into your wardrobe. One of my key tips is if you are wearing a bright lipstick keep your outfit simple, either one block colour or something with a print that has your lipstick colour in it. However if you are wearing a print keep everything else i.e. bag, accessories, shoes simple and one colour. I have put together an evening outfit and a casual outfit.

Necklace £10- Next
Jumpsuit £38- Next
Clutch £18- River Island
Shoes £25- Chocker Shoes

This outfit is based around a block colour and using the lipstick to make it stand out. The jumpsuit is perfect for making you feel confident as you don't have to worry about any naked skin and lets you leave the 'lips to do the talking' as it were.

Trousers £26- Next
Top £14- Next
Shoes- £13 JuJu
Bag- £33 Asos

This casual outfit screams character, it's simple but the bright pink JuJu's mixed with the bright pink lipstick will add a well needed colour pop. The fringe bag is also in the sale and I keep eyeing it up so seemed only right to include in this outfit.

Well there you have it my tips on how to wear bright pink lipstick. Next Thursday will be about the colour coral. I hope you dare to try, let me know if you do.

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  1. I am a little too dark skinned for most pink lippies, but I am in love with red lipstick and I am definitely going to try the Nars liner!

    Good luck on this weeks' Links A La Mode!

    Stick Out!

    1. <3 I reckon bright pink would look great with your skin tone.

  2. There's some crazy coloured lipsticks out there at the moment. I'm a fan of anything really bright, so naturally love this pink. I saw a yellow lipstick the other day too that looked kinda weird.

    1. Yellow, WHAT I am going to have to check this out.

  3. love the post :):)


  4. Love it!!
    That color looks good on you, however I wonder would it fit my Southeast Asian skin color? I have a red tone skin.
    I'd love to try wear this bright color lipstick sometimes

    1. I think it would suit your skin, I actually think your skin colour would make it pop even more :)