Disney Dungarees

I have wanted a pair of dungarees for ages but I have been skint and banned myself from buying any new clothes (been going a bit mental lately). I then remembered that my Mum had a pair of dungarees so I sent her a cheeky message asking her if I could steal them for a bit/forever. Low and behold my boyfriend returned from helping my Stepdad with man stuff, (moving wood) with a bag in his hand holding the said dungarees. He then disappeared doing more man stuff (moving a sofa) and I spent the afternoon trying out different outfits with my newly owned/stolen disney dungaree's. Below is the outfit I ended up wearing for the day and I know for definite I will be wearing them again. Apart from the pain in the ass toilet visits they are so comfy.

Outfit Details
Dungarees- Mum (similar here with disney on)
Belt- £3 Primark
Bracelet- £2 Lovefrommisbehave
Creepers- £20 eBay
Glasses- £55 Glasses Direct

I added accessories that matched the colours in the disney detail, most of what I had received in my most recent BehaveBox. I also paired them with a crop top to add a bit of a more feminine feel to the outfit and then the creepers just seemed to match perfectly. I am now thinking about raiding my mums wardrobe more to see what other goodies she may have hiding away.



  1. Love it! I love dungarees and I'm always looking for a new pair, these are ace! Love the way you styled them up too. xx

  2. Very cute, this brought back memories because I remember having a pair just like this but they were shorts. :)
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  3. Love dungarees and this is faboulous!! You are fantastic with it!

  4. I've never seen an overall/waist belt combo. This is very cool! Love the studded platform sneakers, too!

    - Anna


  5. This is awesome! Love the ring too :)

    Much love,
    Jennifer x