As I have been away in Portugal the last week I have decided to share some pictures. I am currently doing the 365 photo challenge on Instagram (it's where you take a picture everyday for a year) so have decided to share with you my holiday through a picture a day. Glenn and I had such a lovely time and ate a lot of lovely food so now it's back to reality and the healthy eating regime.

Day 1- At the airport about to board with my Cath Kidston passport holder.

Day 2- Cheetos are a most on holiday and this one had a pog inside- ow the memories.
Day 3- We went to Vilamoura marina and I got this lovely €3 bracelet.
Day 4- A storm was brewing
Day 5- We visited Zoomarina and saw some brilliant shows and talks.
Day 6- Glenn covering up so he doesn't get burnt again- did make me laugh.
Day 7- Sandcastle on the beach, it was amazing.
Day 8- Last morning in the sun so a magnum was called for before we left.

If you have enjoyed my Instagram pictures you can follow me through the link below, also as someone had asked in the comments below what photo apps I used for my pictures I thought it would be a good idea to include it in the post. I use snapseed and wood camera (which a friend has done a recent tutorial on here) I love both these apps and highly recommend them. Anybody going anywhere nice for their holidays?



  1. What apps are you using to edit your mobile pics with Sian?

    1. Good question was going to put that in and forgot so will add it in the post :)