£5 Lace Dress

This outfit was one I wore out one evening on my holidays. This dress is so beautiful and really well made and I got it off eBay for £5, can you believe it? I couldn't, especially when it arrived because it's just stunning. I love the skater skirt feel to it, it puffs out in all the right places so that is very figure flattering. I have a little bit of an obsession with socks at the moment (currently wearing a pretty lace pair as I write this). I just feel they add a cute factor to an outfit and also make it stand out more. Primark have a great selection of socks at such a great price you can brighten up any look. Do any of you have obsessions with certain fashion accessories at the moment?
My pictures are not as great quality as I wanted but I did the best I could in a low light situation without any adjustable lamps at my reach.

Sian Wear's
Dress- £5 eBay (yes it's still on there so grab one up quick)
Belt- Primark (old)
Socks- £2 Primark
Shoes- £8 Primark
Necklace- Old but similar here

I have quite a few outfit posts coming up and an introduction post from someone who will be blogging with me through style with friends, which I am very excited about. My whole reason for starting this blog was to improve my photography but also share my friends fashion. I want to build the style with friends team and the first person to join has a brilliant outfit post that will be up next week so make sure you look out for it.



  1. I love your dress!


  2. I like your style and all your looks, you are charming!!