March Want List

It has come to that point of the month again where pay day has been and I'm planning out what is on my want list for this month. Like my other want list posts I have asked a couple of my friends to put forward what they want along with a reason why.

Julia has chosen a homies beanie the real deal is $48 from Brian Lichtenberg or you can pick fake one ups from eBay for £8. Her reason why is:

"I would like a hat because it's freezing in Paris and they are like a tea cosy for my head. Also Cara Delevingne looks wicked in them."

Laura has chosen this gorgeous peplum Topshop dress however they don't stock them anymore but there are a few on eBay you can bid on. Laura says:

"This dress will be perfect for the weddings I will be going to this year. Smart and covered up but flowery and fun for spring."

I have chosen this pink neon skirt. This particular one is from Amazon for £8 but there is also one from Boohoo I love for £12. Sian says:

"This skirt is perfect to brighten up any dull outfit and seeing as the runways were full of neon it is perfect for S/S 2013"

What have you got on your March want list?



  1. that is a lovely floral peplum dress :) thanks so much for stopping by my blog <3


  2. thanks for following, i´m followin you to, have a wonderful day, xoxo :)