If you haven't, you should

Get involved with a BehaveBox.

Love From Misbehave is an independent online accessories shop. Their aim is to provide fun, on-trend and great quality accessories. The best bit about it is they are at affordable prices. The website have been working on a new idea that I am pleased to be part of, the BehaveBox. Basically it's a box you receive every month with items of jewellery in. If you have heard of the glossy box it's basically like that but for accessories. Below are images from my first BehaveBox and at the bottom are the details you need to get involved.

My box came wrapped in a lovely bow, which I've kept for my hair.
Inside were all my goodies with a neon theme.
Neon tower Necklace
Spike double ring.

Skull Earrings
Double Neon Orange Ring
Neon Pink Bolt Earrings
The items are so on trend with the neon look that is around at the moment and I loved every item especially the necklace that I haven't taken off since Thursday. The first box is available to consumers in April for £10 plus a £2:50p&p. To sign up for more details click here. The best bit about the BehaveBox is you have control on how it works, you can suggest particular requirements, i.e. don't wear silver, don't have ears pierced etc, however the actual pieces you receive will be a surprise. I loved the surprise bit. Even if your not interested in the BehaveBox I highly suggest you check the website out as there are some lovely items. I will be posting outfit posts with these items very seen so keep a look out for them.



  1. Oh what a nice idea. I think I might try the box :-)


  2. I really love this box and I like each of these accessories!


  3. This looks fab! I'm definitely interested in getting it! i especially like the spiked double ring :)

    Lots of Lucy

  4. really cool jewelry, great post!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  5. These are really cute accessories. I'm a fan of spikes and neon so I greatly appreciate them.

    I hope you can visit my blog too. :) Take care!


  6. I do like these accessories*^* I follow u if u want follow me too! xoxo