Anyone for Milk!

At the weekend I went to London with my mum and two sisters to celebrate Paige's 19th Birthday. Now the weather was awful so I couldn't take pictures outside like I wanted to because it was just constantly raining. When we were in Tesco getting our evening beverages I said to Paige about taking pictures and she choose to pose in front of the milk. So here our outfit pics from the day, there will be plenty more pics to follow as it was a very eventful weekend.

Paige pretending to sell milk.

Paige Wears
Leggings- £15 Independent Shop
Top- £12:99 New Look
Trainers- Converse
Jacket- £25 H&M
Necklace- Primark

Sian Wears
Skirt- £12 Primark
Top- £4 Primark
Jacket- £25 Topshop
Necklace- £2 Harts & Crosses
Camera Bag- eBay

Paige decided to pretend she was selling milk and actually persuaded a poor man that we were doing a documentary on milk thats why we were taking pictures. Both our crop tops have this comic feel that is right on trend at the moment and I couldn't believe I saw this amazing pow top in Primark for £4 last week, it had to be added to my wardrobe. As comic print is massive I decided to add other available crop tops. Click on the pic to take you too the link.

eBay- £6

Amazon- £6

New Look- £10
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  3. Cool milky photos;) I m gonna vote 4 u as well! xo

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  5. Cute Pictures! Love the Tops ,great Outfits!
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  6. legen ... dairy haha
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  7. Oh awwwwesome, thank you for the links to those cropped comic shirts! So cool! I think I'll have a buy one.. ;)