Valentines Party

So this is the second outfit with the valentines theme. These shots were with my sister again and taken by the lovely Eric. The whole idea behind these outfits are if you are going out for drinks/party on valentines. My sister brings an outfit for the younger reader and I'm wearing something for the slightly older reader (not showing too much flesh but still going for the sexy look).

Paige Wears: Faux Leather skirt (similar here)  Gold Shoes and Necklace- New Look, Black Leotard- Dance Direct

Sian Wears: Patterned Midi and Black Wedges- New Look

Have you planned your valentines outfits yet?

I just love this picture of my sister so had to include it.



  1. You both are so cute! I like the added rose petals too!

  2. Gorgeous outfits! I have started planning my outfit yes but it's a bit more low key than this as Valentines is just going to be the man and I and a home cooked meal.

  3. such great photographs, both look amazing, your blog is just lovely, keep up the good work :)

  4. I love these outfits. :)
    The pleather skirt is amazing &
    I really like the dress. ;)

  5. I love your midi dress so much! Beautiful!