Sweet Nothing

As it's still cold outside and I am getting fed up with the dreary weather I have put an outfit together that although is warm is light and makes me feel more in the mood for spring. This lovely little jumper is so cute it just puts a smile on my face when I wear it. It was one of my lovely finds in Paris and I love the bubble texture and the frilly edges. I decided to pair it with some light jeans (they are actually high wasted with sailor buttons but you can't see that in the pics). The socks matched the jumper perfectly and added to this warm but light feel I was going for.
These pictures also gave me an excuse to practice more with my camera and self shooting. I have just ordered a wireless remote today (it was a whole £1.30 on eBay which is just amazing) so I will be able to outfit posts with me and my friends a lot easier now. There will be no focusing on something random pushing the button on a timer and running to get in the shot. Seriously if there was a hidden camera in my house people would be wetting themselves at how silly I look. Anyway enough talking, here are the pictures.

Jumper- Vintage Paris (Similar Here)
Trousers- Motel Rocks
Socks- Primark
Shoes- Barratts
Ring- Primark
Bow Earrings- Italian Market

I should have probably ironed my trousers before I took these pictures but I only noticed after so it was a bit to late then. I have also recently finished decorating my kitchen so I decided to shoot in there. The quirky spoon and fork in the background just work perfectly and were another eBay find (I think I have an obsession). Anyways hope you are all well and not letting the weather get you down too much.



  1. cute!!!

  2. That sweater is just darling. I love the textures and details. Nice touch with the patterned socks of the same color. It's a subtle accent that I appreciate. I love doing little things like that, even if no one else notices. <3

    - Anna


  3. I love our kitchen decoration on the wall. Looks awesome.

    YOur outfit is awesome too. All the light shades work great together.

  4. By the way I follow your bloglovin, lookook,Pinterest and Instagram now too. Hope you return the love :)

  5. Cute! Love the neutrals! Come check out my first giveaway!



  6. Love your top.. and the colour for this style somuch soft dear:)


  7. love this look- fantastic.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

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    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  8. I'm loving all the soft neutrals :D


  9. I LOVE the giant spoon and fork in the background! Did you get them on eBay? Are there more of them, so in love with them!?

    E x