If you haven't, you should

Visit Paris
Reason 3- The Museums and Art Galleries

This is my last Paris post and I have saved my favourite reason for last. The museums and galleries are so big in Paris you could spend a couple of days in them. For this reason in our short stay we only managed to see one museum and one gallery but it was enough to make me want to go back and explore more.
We visited the Invalides museum first which is a war museum. This was mainly for Glenn as he has an interest in history but I loved the detail on the armour and some of the uniforms. You will see what I mean by some of the pictures below.

The art gallery we visited was for me, it was the Pompidou which is full of contemporary art. I took so many pictures I found it hard to choose which ones to post so here are just a few of my favs. I will be posting some more from my phone on instagram so if you interested make sure you follow. These will also include images from the Dali exhibition which was just incredible, he had a strange obsession with food in his art work.

I do have to thank Julia for some of these pictures because she came up with a couple of cool ideas (like the shot of us looking at the lights). I have a few outfit posts coming this week and hopefully a stylish friends one as I am having a get together with some of the girls this weekend which I cannot wait for it has been a while.