If you haven't, you should

Visit Paris
Reason 2- The Food

The food in Paris is beyond incredible we enjoyed the most amazing valentines meal while we were out there as well as lots of lovely sweet treats. I wanted to share some pictures of the incredible food and I will warn you now, your mouth may water.

The first few pictures are from this amazing sweet shop we came across on our first day in the latin area, what they could do with chocolate and candy was amazing.

My first ever macaroons, which were incredible! 

A shoe made out of chocolate and candy, just beautiful.

We also couldn't resist trying a street crepe with Nutella on- yummy.

The below pictures are from our valentines dinner, I tried Oysters for the first time which I actually really liked but it was the main meal and desert that were just incredible. We had fillet steak and chocolate sponge with scrumptious chocolate sauce in the middle. It was officially the best meal I have ever had.

We also couldn't visit France without having snails, if you haven't had them before they are normally cooked in garlic and taste just like garlic mushrooms. I actually think they taste nicer.

My last post on Paris will becoming soon which makes me sad. I had such a lovely couple of days there.



  1. Love Paris! gotta plan a trip down there again soon! btw, thanks for visiting my blog and following. I shall follow you now too! keep in touch love! xoxo


  2. love paris i am glad that its not far away from where i live.
    enjoy !

  3. what an amazing trip! I hope to one day visit Paris! These pictures definitely call out to one of my favorite things in life: Food!
    Great pictures <3


  4. Okay I m hungry now.., :D
    Nice post dear., n really makes me wanna visiting paris more n more...


  5. Oh god the food looks great. Another reason to visit Paris!

    How about following each other?
    I follow you now through GFc.
    Hope you follow me back!


  6. I indeed should! Food looks all yummy .... nom nom nom......
    Great photos and good sharing!

  7. Oh I love Paris, great pics and thanks for your lovely comment ;)