If you haven't, you should...

Visit Paris
Reason 1- The Sights

I have three main reasons to visit Paris and I am going to do three 'if you haven't, you should' posts and this is the first. It is for the sights, the buildings are incredible in Paris are so beautifully made and just breathtaking day and night. These are some pictures of the places I got to see and I highly recommend going to visit them if you are ever in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower
Love lock bridges- there are a few of these in Paris
Napoleons Tomb
Fontaine Saint-Michel
Notre Dame

The last image is of a building that I am not actually sure what is called. We got a bit lost one morning and came across it and there was a big solid rock opposite that I could rest my camera on to take a HDR picture (I didn't want to carry a tripod around Paris). If anybody knows what it is please let me know. I hope you like the pictures and they inspire you to visit Paris.



  1. I willlll come there one day. yes I should :D
    There is no reason to not come to paris.
    All of them in paris are preety, nice post


  2. You made miss this city A LOT!

    1. It was so lovely I want to go back most definetly :)