The Renno Challenge

So I have joined up with Eric from Tipsquirrel (amazing photoshop tutorial website) so that we can help each other in a variety of ways. Eric is a brilliant photography and an excellent teacher who is venturing into taking more fashion based pictures. I have so much to learn about photography and needed help with pictures for my blog. So we have joined forces to help each other and below are the results of our first shoot. I brought in this kitsch phone I found when tidying cupboards in my house and we used it as the main prop for one of the outfits. There will be plenty more 'Renno Challenge' posts to follow as we had a lot of fun doing this.

Stripy dress- Vintage £10
Shoes- Faith
Flowy skirt- EBay £10
Dress worn as top- Motel Rocks £15



  1. These are so cute! Those dresses are so flattering on you. I love the colors. You're so lucky you have access to a studio!