If you haven't, you should

Get yourself down to H&M for last bit of the sales.

So Yesterday me and some of my girlies were in Manchester at the Trafford centre just having a look as you do. We had been to a gig the night before (pics of our outfits will be posted this week) for my friend Lol's birthday and she had birthday money to spend. However me and Rox are skint but there were too many good buys in the H&M sale to say no. You do have to rummage but we found some amazing pieces.

This dress I found, but we both ended up getting because it was to good to not have. 

Rox got these shirts that have a vintage feel to them and they look so cute on her.

These shorts and shirt will both be perfect for my holiday in April so they had to be snapped up.

All of these items were a tiny £5 each which was amazing. I do love a bit of guilt free shopping. Have you had any amazing sale finds recently.



  1. This weekend I was thrifting and I found a really cute pair of red suede booties for $15. I was so excited.

    1. Thats brilliant shame you can't post a pic on here.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too I wish I had found them in my size as well, they were a right find.